The crew of a colony ship lands on a foreign planet, but (inconveniently) have very limited power routed to their pods and cannot be retrieved from cryogenic sleep. You control the Colony Construction Robot (CCR) with the task of maintaining power to the ship as well as creating a suitable home in the not-so-hospitable conditions of the planet. The question remains, though, if the CCR and Cryogenic Operating System (CryOS) want the colonists to be revived…



See below for links to the builds.

Advanced warning that the Linux build has not been tested. The Mac one may require you to change some security settings on your Mac. Also, please note that the WebGL version differs slightly as you cannot multi-thread in WebGL, so the game may lag slightly when pathfinding.



Read the messages provided by the game. First, build solar panels to slow down the loss of power. The first mine to be built should be a silicon mine. Stabilize first, then start to grow. Remember, mines MUST be powered to work.



You must build certain items to complete the game. These can be checked by clicking the Check Colony button on the screen. Also, the ship’s battery can not be losing power.

Tools Used


  • Unity 5.6.0f3
  • Bfxr for creating sound effects
  • GIMP 2 for image editing
  • Bosca Ceoil



For posterity sake, this game was developed completely in 72 hours by myself and my two sons. We each contributed the following items:

  • James: Most coding, some UI development
  • Anthony: Coding, most UI development
  • Cameron: Art, music, and sound effects

We hope you enjoy our second entry into the Ludum Dare game jam as much as we enjoyed making it.



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