LoneWolf Studios is a studio that began by producing XBox Live Indie Games.  It was started in 2011 by its owner and then sole developer, James.  Creating games had been a hobby for over twenty years, and I'm glad that I have finally begun to do something with all of the reading that I have done over the years, and I get to have fun doing it.  In the rest of my life, I am in the field of education, but while in college, I minored in Computer Science with a major in mathematics.

All of the work for the studio is done in the south suburbs of Chicago at the current time, although that is not where I am originally from, it's where my career has landed me.

In recent months, two of my children have also joined me in developing some of the titles that are present on this site. In particular, the Ludum Dare entries, but I hope that some day, I will also get to showcase work that they do on their own.